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Time of Dying is an original Zombie Apocalypse Survival RPG forum set in the remains of the ruined world. "The Gray Death" - a deadly zombie-creating fungal spore - has spread across the world, killing most of the population and reanimating many of their corpses. The remaining people have been forced to survive on the remnants of a desecrated land. The citizens of Colorado fight each day to stave off ravenous, swift-running zombies, deadly fungal infections, and war-mongering forces seeking their demise.

You can play a supply runner, military professional, hunter, medic, scavenger, raider and so much more. Supplies are in high demand, and everyone has to pitch in to survive - even in the quarantined city of Haven, Colorado, where the military has made a secured perimeter. There are adoptables to take up and NPCs to interact with. We have several groups already established within the city and beyond - including the Sisterhood, Wolf Pack, ZORT, and the Caravan - and players are encouraged to join or make their own. Beware the Raiding Marauders and the Infected Horde, however!

You must be 18+ to join, and mature enough to respect adult content. We have a fully loaded shop to help you keep track of your character's survival gear. There are a myriad of original missions, board created quests, and character driven plots. We host weekly writing events, a vast variety of games, a score of heartening challenges, and more! Join in our Discord Chatroom to get to know the members, and enjoy your stay!
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