Run your own town in the ZPAW Mechanics

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Run your own town in the ZPAW Mechanics

Postby cool99061 » Sat Nov 15, 2014 7:46 pm

There is no guarantee these will be used in this state, or at all, but I'm gathering it here in case it will be.
religious Occupations:
no religious occupation can procreate
Priest (Religious leader; raises morale of an entire town worth of population more then most leader types, can lead religious rituals, can't use weapons, can't kill anything)
Paladin (Religious soldier; higher personal morale than most fighters, weapons expert, can't lead religious rituals)
Monk (Religious Scientist; can lead religious rituals, raises morale of entire village worth of population, can fight and kill but not as well as a paladin)
Nun (Religious Doctor; higher personal morale than most doctors, can't fight or kill, can't lead religious rituals)

*There's more religions than Catholic but I thought this is simpler to start with. Perhaps players can request specific religions.*

Natural Occupations:
Falconeer (birdkeeper)
Farmer (grows plants) (a farmer and a scientist is required to research hydroponics)
Rancher (raises animals)

Random possible occupations:

Armed survivor (requires a weapon) > Brave (requires a weapon and a training area) > Militia (requires a brave, training area, and experience) > Soldier (a barracks, a leader, and military philosophy) > Officer (requires military philosophy and a military school) > General (requires an officer and experience)

Researchers: Student > Lab Hand > Researcher > Theoretician > Technologist > Scientist > Expert/Savant > Polymath


Group (requires at least 2 survivors > Camp (requires at least a group of population, a leader, a claimed area, and at least 1 guard location) > settlement (requires an elder, a camp and a permanent structure) or tribe (requires a camp, an elder, and at least 1 mobile or 1 collapsible structure) > village (requires a village of population, a chief, a wise one, a healer, a village square and a settlement or a tribe) > Town (requires a village, a mayor, at least 1 advisor, a teacher, a healer and a town center) > City (requires a city worth of population, a city hall, a town, a mayor, at least 1 advisor, a healer, a militia) > City State (requires a city, at least 1 advisor, a king, a religious leader, certain structures, a guild, an army) > Kingdom (requires a city state, a government and a kingdom of land) > Country (requires a kingdom, certain structures and country of land) > Empire (requires a country, and an empire of land) (If we get past this point, then I'll add more)
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