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Postby zombreach » Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:21 pm

The sound of gunfire finally tapered off and Cass sighed in relief. Her ears were still ringing when Jeff started tampering with the ceiling vent, finally resorting to shooting out the screws that held it in place. The metal grate fell to the floor, pieces of drywall crumbling down in its wake. She shook her head and looked directly at him.

"There was no reason to do that...I'm sure there is a screwdriver some where." After brushing white dust from her shoulders she looked up at the hole in the ceiling, finally acknowledging his question. "The vents go everywhere, but it is a maze up there. There are blueprints showing the exact junctions, but like everything else, it is on the computer...which is not accessible right now." She moved closer to the doorway, looking out at the dead bodies which littered the floor. It was one hell of a mess, and she was glad she wouldn't be required to clean it up. For that matter, it may never be cleaned up if they didn't get to the lowest level and get the building out of lock down.

Cass pushed through the door, stepping over the remains of the former employees. Her heels left prints in the sticky blood and she once again cursed her lack of proper attire. "I'm going to search these offices for anything useful. We can meet back at the armory, unless someone has a better idea?" She kept walking, not waiting for approval. The bodies on the floor were motionless, nothing more than dead meat. There was detectable movement from the sides though...infected that had chosen to remain in the offices instead of venturing out into the hallway. It proved they still had some intelligence, even if it was basic survival skills. She thought through her next objectives...jacket, shoes, food, water... Then the main goal, the lower level. There would be close to seventy people down there, her father included. There was also fifteen subjects to deal with--Patient Zeros to be exact. Each one was a failure, and their thirst for blood would be the worst of the infected this small group of survivors would encounter.
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Postby Shelbyman82nd » Thu Jan 23, 2014 12:25 am

Shelby started restocking his expended ammo as the vent was being discussed. Then, Cass started looking out into the hallway and exploring her route for supplies. He turned to the rest of the team. "We all know she is dead meat if she goes scavenging on her own...I'm going with her, to watch her 6. What about you fellas?" He shouldered his backpack and made his way to the door. There were infected in offices, but none were moving in the hall. He as quickly and quietly as he could, caught up to Cass.
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