The Day the World Didn't Die-OOC (completely different game)

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The Day the World Didn't Die-OOC (completely different game)

Postby Crow Lee » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:54 am

This is an interest check

Real Life U.S. Laws apply when choosing gear and preZPAW actions. I will wait for a few people to write their intros before I kick off the apocalypse. ZPAW won't begin at the worst time of day for most people, but it won't be the best times either. When choosing things like occupation, I hope "work from home" or "home schooling the kids" isn't the norm. Every member of your character's household survivors will need their own character sheets.

***Player Group Intro***
This game starts on the date and time that you fill out your Group info. What is your group's general routine w/o zombie outbreak? What type of group do you have? Family, Friends, Neighbors, Classmates, a combination of people that depend on you, perhaps you're alone? What preps do you have? What is your occupation? These questions are the least amount that need to be answered in your intro.

***Main Character Sheet***

Character Name:
PreZPAW Profession:
History (Individual or family's shared back story):
Description of Domicile (What type of domicile do you have?):
Description of Vehicles (You can have one or more if feasible, makes and models?):

***Character Gear List***
(Each member of your group needs a separate gear list)

PreZPAW Profession (Student counts as a profession):
Head Gear:
Upper Body:
Lower Body:

(Each character must have a license to carry for them to start with any equipped weapons)
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Melee Weapon:
Carrying Device (What is in your BOB?):

***Individual Character skills***

Food (Domiciles are assumed to only be stocked normally unless preps were in place):
Water (Domiciles are assumed to only have running water before the ZPAW unless preps were in place):

(If there is any interest, please post any Player Group Sheets here.)
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