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Reference Books and Contact Sources

Postby Nicholas Ryan » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:04 am

Hi guys!
I've been away writing a series of 'bodice rippers' for the past several months. In fact I've been gone so long I lost track of this forum!!
Anyhow, I've finished those other books now, and I'm keen to get back to work, writing my third zombie novel.
I wanted to ask everyone for your book suggestions.
I need to build up a solid reference library of NON-fiction books that might be useful as I'm researching. Specifically, books about the US army, the special forces, weapons, survival tactics, maybe urban warfare and snipers. I'd also very much like some recommendations for good books about US army helicopters (the Blackhawk in particular) If you could offer some suggested titles I would be grateful.
I also wanted to make email contact again with the guys from Team Exodus who helped me with Ground Zero and Die Trying. I have some email addresses... hopefully you guys will get the messages I sent.
I would also (I know I'm asking a lot!) like to make contact with other forum members who might be able to help me with research for future zombie novels. As some forum members will remember, I am a complete weapons/military novice, so I would be very keen to make contact with anyone ex-military who served in the army, special forces... and a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, if you're willing to answer research questions as they arise, and maybe check through my books prior to publication for technical errors etc.
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Re: Reference Books and Contact Sources

Postby UnderDude » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:37 am

For some basics try the US Army Survival Manual. I picked up mine from a used book store clearance for $1. I do have some reference book on military aircraft but they're in book form only. Shoot me a message and maybe we can work something out. It depends if my scanner is in working order.
I did come across a lot of manuals in PDF form but I don't remember where I saw them or where I may have re-posted them.
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Re: Reference Books and Contact Sources

Postby LoneWolf » Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:10 pm

I've got numerous good hardback/paperback books, but the downside is they cost quite dear, and to try and build a ref library en masse, will put you out of pocket both bigtime and very quickly.

I do know that there are many useful books you can download onto an iPad, sometimes as sets of several titles, that are free/cost very little, and you get them straight away. They cover everything you may be looking for, minus obviously, the Team Exodus input ! :D

If you have an iPad, try looking through the app store or ibooks store, I can't remember which.

Loads of info....less money.
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