Consider These Zombie Movies?

Zombie Movies

Re: Consider These Zombie Movies?

Postby SWAT Zombie » Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:25 pm

1) Sucker Punch
No. Has zombies of a sort in it though

2) The Cabin In The Woods
Think I've seen it. Don't remember it though. I think it just had zombies in it but they weren't the focus.

3) I Am Legend
Based on vampire story but more like mutants so not really

4) Planet Terror
Yes. Mutant zombies

5) The Crazies
No. Just crazy.

6) Doom
Not a zombie movie but a movie with zombies

7) Open Grave
Seen it but hard to rememeber. I think it was

8) Quarantine

9) Ghosts Of Mars
Saw it ages ago. Don't remember thinking of it as a zombie movie. Probably not.

10) Re-Animator

11) Venom
Haven't seen it

12) Phantasm
Another I haven't seen for a long time but if I recall correctly, sure, zombie movie of a sort

13) Tamara
Not seen

14) 28 Days/Weeks Later
Yes. A newer type of zombie. Zombie-ism originally was more about a loss of soul or humanity than just being dead. Dying was the process of losing the soul. The mindlessness and the behavioural resemblance to Romero zombies qualifies them. Remember that Romero didn't think of his undead cannibals as zombies at first. It was the media and public that gave them that name and it just stuck. Much like what's happened with the infected in these two movies. And to quote the great man Romero himself when talking about the differences; "My zombies are dead, 28 Days zombies are not." I've always said that movies are art not science. Close enough can be good enough.

15) Evil Dead
No. Deadites kind of fall into their own category of "undead" to me.
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Re: Consider These Zombie Movies?

Postby UnderDude » Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:15 pm

I took these films off of a "200 Most Popular Zombie Movies" list I found online. Many others on the list I would only consider "cannibal" movies. Less than 40 of them I would even consider true zombie films.
Tamara was actually pretty good. High school prank goes bad, nerdy akward girl dies. Girl comes back to life to exact revenge, being fully hot of course.
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Re: Consider These Zombie Movies?

Postby zackattack » Thu Apr 23, 2015 4:35 pm

Sounds kinda like Jenifers Body.
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