Vigilantes, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries in a ZA ?

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Re: Vigilantes, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries in a ZA ?

Postby CavWarrior » Sun Mar 23, 2014 12:51 pm

LoneWolf wrote:Gunfighter, as in, their reactions are quicker than most, as per the bar scene in TWD where Rick manages to draw and take out two opponents. So, in a ZA, if survivors see someone do such a thing firsthand, it is likely he'll be labelled a gunman/gunfighter.

Or as UD said, pure ego, a chance to make a name for themselves in this new world.

I see your point.I make a distinction between someone who's good with a gun and a gunfighter. Gunfighters, in the classical sense, are just that. Their existence is the gun and they use it to advance themselves and their reputation. The modern usage surrounds the warrior, the Soldier who excels in the warrior craft. Could Rick have been considered a gunfighter? Possibly. Which definition would survive the ZPAW? I lean towards the classical definition. The Old West type of gunfighter.
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Re: Vigilantes, Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries in a ZA ?

Postby kiltedninja » Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:39 pm

Cab, you probably saw them too, but we had a few guys who were downright scary with their accuracy, even under fire. Those types are the ones I consider a Gunfighter.

Me? I like the idea of being a Ranger, like a real ranger not a soldier who spent lots of time at Benning's school for boys. Or at least, the more classic definition of the word.
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