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Decent Deal On Brass

PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2014 5:28 pm
by UnderDude
Check out

9mm, 40, 45, 5.56, and 7.62

Re: Decent Deal On Brass

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:55 am
by CavWarrior
Looks like the have so damned good deals on brass. I'll definitely have to order some. What's the reason for the large and small primer pockets on the .45acp brass? Is the large for 185gr and 230gr loads?

Re: Decent Deal On Brass

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:08 pm
by Bob
Fuck me brass has gone up.
Last time I bought brass I was paying $50 a thousand unpolished shipped to my door.

45 acp
Nope the small primer pockets showed up a couple of years ago to help pollute the worlds supply of 45acp brass.
Now we have to watch out for that small primer pocket stuff AND 45gap.
The small primer crap started out for non toxic priming.
I throw it away when I come across it.

The only possible good thing about it IF I didn't already have multiple 5 gallon buckets of the large primer stuff and thousands of large primers is I would not have to convert from large to small primers on my Dillon. I could load 9mm and 45 with small primers.

I do not suggest the small primer 45 acp stick with the classics.

Re: Decent Deal On Brass

PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:49 pm
by UnderDude
Probably one of the best deals I've seen in a couple of years. Don't bother paying for the polished stuff, it's only slightly less dirty than range pickup. Back in 2008 they charged $25 less per 500 of 7.62x51. I've ordered 7.62, 5.56, 9mm, and 40 from them many times in the past and never had a complaint. The best thing is no shipping charges no matter how much you order.