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I'll Be Keeping An Eye On This One

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 4:32 pm
by UnderDude
Although I very rarely pass through this inspection station I do pass through a larger one on the main interstate route East. The problem is that station is nearly 40 miles INSIDE California/Nevada state line. There's a major junction of state highways EAST of the station which is a major travel route for winter sports people (at least 5 large ski resorts) and one of two routes leading from the interstate to the lake Tahoe area (lots of tourism there year round).
In other words, these inspection stations cause everyone including those that never even came close to crossing a state to pass through, so the intended reason for these stations is pretty much useless. I've personally only seen maybe 5-6 actual "inspections" my entire life, and those stops were on vehicles pulling livestock trailers or somewhat large fruit/vegetable quantities that were clearly visible from outside the vehicle. I must pass through whenever I'm returning from visiting family in western NV and I've only been asked 4-5 times where I'm returning from. I've never had to say anything else aside from "vacation" when asked. Problem for me is this is also the route I take when we get together in the desert for our little shoot-a-thons, so we're usually rolling pretty heavy with multiple firearms and ammo/brass for reloading.
In the videos you'll hear the station attendants demand to inspect ice chests and the like, but they're completely full of shit. They STILL need probable cause to delay you and a court order (warrant) to search you. Those manning these checkpoints are NOT law enforcement personnel.
In this little episode the cops chase them down, bust out a window, and physically remove the entire family from the vehicle, including children (going as far as taking one of those kids for CPS (Child Protective Services). All in the name of "health and safety"? Bullshit, they're ego was bruised when this guy challenged the LE and glorified gardener's "authority" to Impose their will on someone. I'm sure those kids will never be LE fans after this.
I'm at the point of believing everyone should always film any interaction with LE and local/state officials. This could easily have ended up much worse if the family didn't have cameras rolling. ... al-search/