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Whiskey and other Liquors Review

Postby Bob » Fri Nov 08, 2013 10:35 am

Whiskey Review
Before you read any further please understand I am a whiskey noob.
I did not actually learn to drink whiskey until I was an old guy.
Up until then I drank whiskey for effect not taste.
It all tasted pretty much the same to me with a few exceptions.
I settled on Wild Turkey as my go to whiskey for many years for no real reason.

My usual way to drink whiskey was to do shots or mix with water.
I believed cocktails to be to girly and mixing with soft-drinks tasted nasty to me.
In the last few months I progressed from mixed with water to on the rocks to neat.
I now find that since I have learned to enjoy the taste neat is the best way to drink.
It's kind of like learning to drink black coffee, once you develop your palate there is no going back.

Since I learned to drink whiskey I have been experimenting with various brands and types.
One thing I have discovered is as I drink more whiskey the way it tastes is evolving.
I still don't taste the nuances the whiskey snobs talk about such as "old leather, tobacco, vanilla" or the other things they talk about.
What I do taste is sweet and or spicy.
When I say spicy I do not mean spicy like Tabasco it's more of a nose hit like Wasabi or Horseradish.
Bourbon is much sweeter than Rye, some of it is so sweet than I can't drink it.
One of the brands I tried is so sweet that the only way I can drink it is by mixing it with strong black coffee.
I have also come to recognize that different brands have different "mouth feels" much like the difference in syrup and soda.
Some of the low shelf brands have an unfinished sort of raw taste.

You may be asking yourself how I learned to drink whiskey.
It was a simple process, it just required a good whiskey and a new ice-maker.
I was introduced to Basil Hayden by a guy I met on the internet.
I found that if I poured enough to cover a home ice-maker ice-cube it actually did not taste bad.
I quickly identified the rye part of the taste which appealed to me.
I always eat loads of Wasabi and spicy mustard at Chinese restaurants and l found the hit from Rye to be very similar.
After a couple of bottles of Basil I got to wondering if I could find something else as good or better for less money.
The same guy told me about Bulleit Rye and Bulleit Bourbon.
Bulleit Rye is my current favorite and I am slowly stockpiling liters of it in case it goes away, we do live in obamas USA after all and many things have become in short supply or totally unavailable.

Bobs plebeian taste tests

When you read these reviews keep two things in mind.
I am a whiskey noob.
Taste is a subjective thing.

Basil Hayden
Highly recommend this for novice whiskey drinker.
At 80 proof it is very smooth.
The taste leans toward Rye spiciness with some bourbon sweetness.
The taste is not overpowering, this is the biggest asset for some and a drawback for others.
The best way I can describe it is to say, it tastes like you already added a splash of water straight out of the bottle.
The taste is mild, not watered down though.

Old Grand Dad
80 proof drunk at various temperatures.
Sampled neat and on the rock.
Taste is similar to Basil Hayden much more raw and unfinished.
I was drinking this on the rocks.
I can believe it shares the same mash bill.
At 80 proof it goes down well and should mix well.
When I drink it I find myself thinking "if only it got another year in the barrel"
The proof was lowered this year from 86 to 80.

Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond
100 proof tasted at about 75 degrees.
This stuff drunk neat will open your eyes, in a good way.
For 100 proof it is drinkable and seems more refined than standard OGD.
A couple of ice cubes or a splash of cold water mellows it out and it is really a nice drink.
I like this stuff, sadly I can get better in it's price range.
I guess we are paying for the higher proof.
This stuff is what the base line OGD should be.
Would I buy it again? Yes

Old Grand Dad 114
Sampled neat at 32 degrees at 114 proof it is easier to drink than you might think.
A dark amber color with a rich mouth feel, very cold it is thick almost like a thin pancake syrup.
It is the same mash bill as Basil Hayden, Old Grand Dad 80 proof and Old Grand Dad bottled in bond 100 proof.
However It drinks more like an overproof Basil than an OGD.
It has a sort of peppermint hit like Basil but more so, once your mouth is numbed a bit by the high alcohol content it really gets nice.
It does not have the raw taste of the other OGD products that makes me think it needed another year or two in the barrel.
It slides across your tongue with a sweet spicy taste.
This may never be my daily drink but I will without doubt buy it again.

Ancient Age
80 Proof Smooth and tasty.
Sampled at various temperatures
Sampled straight only, it does not stand up to ice very well in my opinion.
This seems to be a watered perhaps younger version of the Ancient Ancient Age.
Taste is almost identical just less of it.

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star bourbon
90 proof approx $25 for 1.75 liters.
Sampled neat at approx 78 degrees in a whiskey glass.
A golden caramel color with a sweetish smell.
When I first smelled it I got a faint floral or fruity smell.
It has a sweet taste but in a good way, almost refreshing like soda not like over sweetened tea.
I believe this "refreshing" taste is a product of the high amount of rye in the mash.
At 90 proof there is a degree of warmness but very smooth.
In Bobs opinion this is good whiskey, I will buy it again.
Just so you know this is my daily drink.

Buffalo Trace
No age statement on bottle.
90 proof approx $20 for a 750ml bottle.
Sampled neat at approx 65 degrees in a rocks glass.
Carmel colored with a nice wood aroma.
This whiskey is based on the low rye mash-bill.
This is a smooth easy drinker.
The taste is dry with a surprising amount of rye shining through.
The addition of an ice-cube softened the taste without losing the rye spiciness.
Would I buy it again?
Yes, but the same distillery produces products I like better.

Sazerac Rye
90 proof at approx $29 for a 750ml bottle.
Sampled neat at 70 degrees in whiskey glass.
Very smooth and drinkable.
This is an extremely nice Rye it is on my top five list of whiskeys.
There is no age statement on the bottle but most seem to agree it is 6 years old.
It has a rich mouth feel without being akin to drinking syrup.
It is sweeter than some other rye's but not overly sweet and the rye spiciness shines through.
While the exact amount of rye in the mash is unknown, by law it has to be at least 51%.
I have not tried this whiskey with ice or water as it does not need it.
At times this can be hard to find on the shelf but is worth looking for.
Would I buy it again?
Without a doubt I WILL buy it again.

Bulleit Bourbon
90 proof sampled neat and with ice.
A relatively sweet bourbon with a heavy rye kick.
While sweeter than the Rye it is not overly so.
Very enjoyable neat or on the rocks.
While not my favorite bourbon it is high on the list.

Bulleit 10 year old bourbon
91 Proof and smooth as a woman's breast.
Tasted NEAT at around 75 degrees in a whiskey glass.
If you try this please don't pollute it by mixing it.
Neat is the way to drink it, if you must an ice cube is the only thing you should do to it.
You will know you are drinking Bulleit, that wonderful Rye shines through.
The sweetness in the regular bourbon is subdued and is replaced by a more complex taste.
Slightly sweet and nicely spicy this is true sipping whiskey.
Highly recommended!

Bulleit Rye
Drunk at a variety of temperatures and ways.
Very smooth for 90 proof.
This is the landmark LDI Rye.
It mixes well and holds up to ice like a champ.
Spicy and not sweet it is my current overall favorite.
The only thing I would change about this Rye is the price, I wish it was cheaper.

Fighting Cock
103 proof
First sampled straight at approx 75 degrees
First impression was sweet with a bite I assume there is rye there but I am having trouble finding it over the burn.
This whiskey is not for the faint at heart.
It would probably be best used as a mixer.
I found it to be hot in the back of my throat and to be blunt / harsh.
The alcohol is much more apparent than in comparable strength drinks.
The addition of an ice cube or a little cold water really helps this whiskey.
While this is not one of the more expensive whiskeys you can do much better in this price range.
I do not see myself buying this again.

George Dickel Rye
90 proof. Cost $17.99 - $19.99 per 750ml bottle.
Tasted neat at room (78 degrees) temp.
This is actually distilled by LDI the same as Bulleit Rye.
This rye was produced to be used in blended whiskeys but due to popularity it has been sold to several companies who bottle and sell it under their own names.
In order to make it stand out from the others Dickel Rye is chilled and filtered through sugar maple charcoal much like their Tennessee whiskey.
This seems to cause it to have a lighter color than Bulleit it also mellows the Rye taste a bit.
Overall the differences are slight.
In a side by side blind taste test my brother and I were able to discern the difference mainly based on two items
The slightly darker color, and bolder rye taste of Bulleit were the tells.
However if I put Dickel Rye in a Bulleit bottle you probably would not know the difference.
I am on the downside of my second bottle of this stuff and it is still good.

Old Overholt Rye Whiskey
80 Proof tasted neat and with ice.
I found it to be rather bland and uninspired the low proof may be a factor.
The ice cut the taste even more.
More like drinking bourbon than a true rye.
It goes down easy and might be nice change for someone looking to get away from sweet bourbons.
Would I buy it again?

Black Eagle
80 proof sampled at various temperatures.
Neat and on the rocks.
A bit to sweet for me and has a rather thin mouth feel.
At only 80 proof it goes down easy
Would make a good mild mixer.
I found this to be lacking everything I look for in a whiskey.
I will not buy it again.

Evan Williams Black Label
Neat it has a nice kick at 86 proof.
I added an ice cube from a standard home ice-maker and everything changed.
It had a thick syrupy mouth feel and was way to sweet, it reminds me of sweat tea with way too much sugar added.
This is on my list to try again in the future.

Wild Turkey
The more different whiskeys I drink the more I appreciate Wild Turkey.
It has a nice kick at 101 proof, a heavy Rye spiciness and is not overly sweet.
The balanced taste comes from the Rye influence.
Very drinkable neat or on the rocks.
I highly recommend this, it may in fact be my overall favorite Bourbon.

Wild Turkey Spiced Whiskey
Tried it, did not like it.
I bought 3 mini's and gave 2 of them away.
Tried it neat.
Too thick and sweet for me.
It had a medicine finish, I did not care for it at all.

Jim Beam White Label
80 proof sampled neat and with ice at 70 degrees.
Neat, nice Rye kick, a tad on the sweet side.
Harsher than some but nice, warm going down.
The ice melt smoothed it very well.
With ice a bit sweeter than I hoped for because the Rye fades but still drinkable.
I may change my mind after I have it couple more times but over all I see why Jim Beam is so popular.

Jim Beam Green Label
Neat Nice Rye Kick
Very smooth at room temperature approx 75 degrees.
A bit sweet but tolerable like well made sweet tea.
Have not tried with ice yet because I like it so well neat.
Tried it with ice I still prefer it neat but it holds up fairly well.
At only a few dollars more than white label this is an enjoyable bargain.
I would buy it again.

George Dickel #8 (spelled Whisky not Whiskey)
80 proof
50ml in a Whiskey Glass (like a Glencarin but larger)
Aroma sweet earthy smell.
Initial taste Neat at approx 75 degrees
Slight alcohol burn
Some Rye overtones
Sweet but not cloyingly sweet.
Not my favorite but I could drink this.
I may pick up a bottle of the #12 and give it a try.

Ardbeg Single Malt Scotch
First time drinking.
I was unable to do it justice I drank it out of a mini bottle.
My first impression was WTF?!!
It had a taste I could not place.
That taste jumps out at you and takes over your mouth.
I was still tasting it in my mind the next day.
I have not decided if I like this or not.
I was told this was an extremely poor choice to be the first Scotch I drank.
Supposedly it is more suited for an advanced drinker not a total noob.
I am going to taste a couple of other scotches before I try it again.
I will try it again in a week or so using a Glencarin glass instead of straight from the bottle.

I revisited this Scotch drinking it properly and found it to still be a bit much for me.
The peat taste overpowered everything, to be honest I did not find this enjoyable.
Hey, I have never denied having plebeian tastes...

Johnny Walker Red blended Scotch
The Budweiser of Scotch Whisky
Drunk at room temp of approx 78 degrees from a Glencarin glass.
It has a relatively mild smoky earthy aroma of peat.
I found the mouth feel to be a bit thin but had a nice finish.
The peat taste was not over powering like Ardbeg but was definitely noticeable.
I could drink this but would prefer a bourbon or rye.

Glenlivet 12 year old single malt Scotch
80 proof, this scotch does not have the smokey smell of the others it smells like wine.
Tasted Neat at 75 degrees.
It is warm going down with a nice mouth feel.
However, it tastes like someone added wine to a sweet whiskey to me.
I do not like this.

Dewars 12 year blended Scotch
86 proof sampled at 75 degrees
Smooth goes down good.
This is evidently another of the wine finished Scotches.
I could smell something vaguely floral in nature.
Tasted Neat, no smokey taste.
Long finish reminiscent of drinking wine.

Kracken Spiced Rum
94 proof 75 degrees tasted neat only
Very dark color almost brown.
Not much nose just a slightly sweet smell.
Very smooth going down at this proof.
Thick almost syrupy mouth feel.
The taste is almost as dark as the color.
I do not taste spices, mostly I taste sweet almost like molasses.
I will not be drinking this again.

92 proof, tasted neat at 78 degrees.
This is a wheated bourbon they use wheat instead of rye.
This does not have the spicy rye kick of many bourbons.
A bit warm going down
This lack of rye makes it a smoother, sweeter taste.
In fact too sweet for my plebeian palate.
I miss the rye effect of reducing sweetness.
This is a nice whiskey just not for me.
I would drink it if you were buying it.

This weekend I have been drinking Russel's Reserve Rye
90 proof drunk at about 75 degrees.
I just finished a 750 ml today.
It is nice and smooth.
Too smooth in fact, I find it almost totally lacking in the excitement Rye brings to the party.
The best way I can describe it is this;
Think about a guy playing a guitar, when you drink Bulleit Rye you are sitting next to him on the couch.
When you drink Dickel Rye you are across the room.
When you drink Russel Reserve Rye you are in the bathroom with the door closed and fan on.
While it is good whiskey I won't buy this again.

Russel's Reserve Bourbon Ten Years Old
This is a Wild Turkey Product
90 proof sampled neat at about 75 degrees
This is a very nice Ten Year old Bourbon.
Well balanced with a bit of a Rye kick like most Wild Turkey products.
I can best describe the taste as rich with a smooth mouth feel
The finish is a bit longer than some tapering off instead of just stopping.
It goes down well not need the addition of ice or water.
I like this bourbon and if you offered me a drink it would make me smile with anticipation.

Darby's Reserve Rye
90 Proof
Aged for MONTHS with new Oak
Yes you read that correctly aged for Months.
It is not aged in the sense of putting it away in barrels.
It is actually "purified" by a high tech process called Terrepure
We don't know who the distiller as it is not said on the bottle or web site.
It is "purified" and bottled in North Charleston SC
You can read about it and the bottling company at http://www.terressentia.com/
This was tasted at 75 degrees neat
It had a sweet fruity taste with a rye kick.
It is smooth, very drinkable.
I did a side by side comparison with a traditionally aged rye.
I prefer the aged rye hands down.
The more I drink of this processed not aged whiskey the less I like it.
The taste is not bad but the nose is horrible, I have to drink it in a large opening glass so the "smell" does not concentrate.
It smells like an oak branch that was taken from a campfire and doused with water.
The guy at the liquor store described this as an "earthy" smell, HA!
I guess I should be thankful it smells like wet log instead of wet dog.
I also wonder where it gets it caramel color, what sort of food coloring is added to the product or does it get it's color the same place it gets it's smell?
I think at $21.99 per 750 ml this product is overpriced as hell considering it does not spend years in expensive barrels.
I believe it is selling well because it is a novelty and most just want to taste it.
The "purifier and bottler" also do other liquors including Vodka, Rum, Tequila and a Gin.
I think long term they may do well with the unaged spirits but I doubt real rye drinkers are going to keep buying their product.
Will I buy it again? No

Russian Standard Vodka
This is my go to Vodka.
If kept in the freezer at 80 proof it goes down like water.
Use it for Redneck Screwdrivers.
2oz Vodka 2oz Orange Juice in separate shot glasses
Shoot the Vodka
Shoot the Orange Juice
Repeat as needed.

Rittenhouse Rye
100 Proof Sampled at 65o
Very Smooth to be a 50% ABV
Very nice Rye kick, it is right there in your face in a good way.
There is no doubt this is a Rye whiskey, you won't mistake it for a high Rye Bourbon
It has a different taste from my other favorite Ryes from Bulleit and Dickel but I like it!
This is definitely on my A list.
I will buy and drink it again.

Vincent Van Gogh Double Expresso Vodka
70 proof
I don't normally drink under proof flavored Vodka but how can you argue with caffeine and alchohol in the same drink.
Sampled a mini at 75 degrees
Smells like coffee.
Poured a bit syrupy and has a nice coffee smell in my cup.
Tastes exactly like a strong sweet coffee with a shot in it.
The syrupy texture does not detract from the drinkability at all.
I actually enjoyed this, I intend to add it to a cup of real coffee and see what it is like.
I will post back once I have tried it.
Would I buy it again? Yes but only as a novelty

Chamborg Flavored Vodka
75 proof
Sampled Neat
70 degrees
Normally I avoid under proof flavored vodka but this was recommended to me by the girls in accounting, they love this stuff.
I can see why, it is sweet raspberry vodka at 70 proof.
Not bad, too sweet for me I wish it was tart instead of sweet.
Would I buy it again?
Not for me, as a gift for a woman yes.

Striped Pig Shine
This is honest 100% corn whiskey at 120 proof.
Sampled neat at 70 degrees approx.
The taste of corn is very evident with some sharpness from the alcohol.
For unaged whiskey it is smooth and amazingly drinkable considering it is 60% ABV.
If you like young whiskeys you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.
Would I buy it?
No, this is a novelty.
I can get much better whiskey for the same price.

Striped Pig Rum
80 proof (I think)
It is made from black strap molasses.
Tasted Neat at 70 degrees approx.
This is a nice rum with a bit of a butterscotch taste and smell.
It was smooth and went down well.
I enjoyed it even though I am not a rum drinker.
Would I buy it?
No but only because I am not a rum drinker.

Striped Pig Vodka
80 proof
Tasted Neat at 70 degrees in a sample cup. (several samples)
Relatively smooth, goes down well.
Normal slightly sweet vodka taste.
I am not enough of a Vodka fan to have a real opinion.
Would I buy it?
No but only because I am not a Vodka drinker.

Fire Fly Sweet Tea Vodka
70 proof tastes like Sweet Tea.
Tasted neat and mixed at 70 degrees.
Straight this product is way to sweet.
Mixed with non alcoholic tea it is drinkable.
Mixed at about 50 - 50 with lemonade this becomes something I could drink.
My wife likes it 2 parts lemonade 1 part sweet tea vodka.
I would rather have a glass of whiskey but over ice with lemonade it makes a nice hot afternoon drink.

UV Vodka
Raspberry 60 proof.
Tasted Neat at 65 degrees.
This is relatively tasty neat, not as sweet as I expected.
It would probably be nice mixed with lemonade or perhaps Sprite / 7 UP.
Would I buy it again.
Probably not as it is under-proof and sweeter than I like.

Baileys Irish Creme
34 proof
I sampled two varieties Vanilla Cinnamon and Hazelnut
Personally I prefer the Vanilla Cinnamon.
I sampled both these straight and do not recommend drinking this way.
As an addition to coffee they work well but the taste is easily overpowered if you have a large cup.
Mini's are about an ounce and a half and a mini-bottle added to an 8 oz cup of coffee works pretty well.
I normally drink my coffee black so this added to coffee becomes something more akin to hot chocolate for me.
The low amount of alcohol means it drinks about like normal coffee just with a slight alcohol kick in the background.
My daughter in law seems happier after she has a few cups of coffee with this stuff in it.

JP Wisers Rye Whisky
Canadian 80 proof Blended.
Light in color a sort of translucent gold
I don't get much of an aroma from it
A very weak sort of caramel, a hint of alchohol and not much else.
Tasted neat at approx 75 degrees
Taste is on the mild side, with some Rye spice.
Somewhat sweeter than I like probably from corn.
All in all not a bad whisky a bit mild tasting for me but not bad.
Would I recommend it?
Yes for someone wanting a mild tasting Whisky that was not overly sweet.
Would I buy it?
Probably not there are Ryes I like better in the same price range.

Knob Creek Rye Whiskey
100 proof
Sampled Neat at approx 75 degress
$45 for a 750 at Total Wine
Rich Golden Color
Nice oaky aroma with a bit of alchohol.
Taste is full bodied Rye with a rich mouth feel.
Plenty of Rye spice very slightly sweet.
Very smooth considering it is 100 proof.
I like this, honestly I expected it to drink like a Rye forward bourbon.
However I am very pleased with the taste, I would love to know what the mash bill is.
Would I recommend it?
Yes to someone who would not ruin it by mixing it.
Would I buy it?
Hell Yes!

Thirteenth Colony Rye Whiskey
95 proof
Sampled Neat at approx 75 degrees
$28 for a 750 at a big local discount store.
This is a MGP rye bottled by a distillery in Georgia.
The most distinctive thing about this Rye is the bottle.
The bottle looks like a decanter and indeed the label is easy to peel and glue easy to clean off.
The taste is excellent just like all the other MGP Ryes.
Bottle aside it comes down to whether or not 2.5 % more alcohol is worth $10 more than the same thing at 90 proof.
I doubt I buy it again as I can ge
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Re: Whiskey Review

Postby UnderDude » Sat Nov 09, 2013 6:21 pm

Excellent work brother.....
My intro to top shelf rye was a rather odd one, small batch and normally difficult to find, and quite expensive at $100 per bottle making it one if not the most expensive American Rye. This product runs around 90 proof.
Black Maple Hil 23 year old Kentucky Straight Rye Limited Edition.
It has a bite, which is exactly what I like.
Nowadays I always have Bulleit Rye around the house, and it's always my first choice. I only drink it with ice and I NEVER MIX IT with anything. Runs around $21 in my neck of the woods on sale.
Other bourbon and rye I enjoy.....

Makers Mark
For years this was my staple. Fairly smooth, and goes great with lemonade and ice. Runs around $26.
It was actually one of the two bottles of liquor on every table of my Wedding reception and featured in the display as well.
The company still sends me free gifts a few times a year.

Woodford Reserve Bourbon
Good stuff, I enjoyed it. I currently have a bottle in the cabinet. Runs around $45
Woodford is the sponsor of The Kentucy Derby.

Basil Hayden Bourbon
This is what I recommend when introducing someone to top shelf bourbons. My brother was a scotch drinker until he tried it. The 8 year old is very light and smooth, but the price point is too high in my opinion, around $40 locally.

I also like the following.....
Knob Creek Bourbon - It's VERY strong tasting and has a high BAV.
Bookers Bourbon - Another strong bourbon with high BAV.

A list of different liqours I drink once in a while......

(I don't normally mind if it's silver or colored, and never use lime or salt.)
Hornitos Tequila - Good stuff, smooth, relatively inexpensive at around $23
Cabo Wabo Tequila - Sammy Hagar owns this label. Pretty damn good, but expensive at near $40.
Herradura Tequila - Very good, probably my first choice. They've been around for years. $30

Other things in my liquor cabinet......
Meyer's' Dark Rum
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
Captain Morgan Tattoo
Malibu Mango Rum
Stoli Vodka
Svedka Vodka
E&J Brandy
Hot Damn 100 Cinammon Schnapps
Sour Rasberry Schnapps
Sour Watermelon Schnapps
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Re: Whiskey Review

Postby Bob » Sun Nov 10, 2013 11:41 am

Be sure to read my updated review on Darby's Reserve Whiskey.
I would love to taste the white dog before they work on it.
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Re: Whiskey Review

Postby UnderDude » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:20 pm

I heard of a distillery (maybe in Georgia?) that is bottling (canning) moonshine. No store around here has it available. Can't recall the name though.
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Re: Whiskey Review

Postby Bob » Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:32 am

There are several.
Georgia Moon is the one that comes to mind.
There are several actually.
They do all sorts of odd stuff like filling the jar with fruit then covering it with their whiskey.
If it was priced like whiskey and not a novelty I might have tried some of them.
But I refuse to pay as much for white dog as I do for aged decent drinking whiskey.

I heard on the show Moonshiners the other night they were saying they were going to get $100 a gallon for their shine.
What a crock of shit.
You can buy Good whiskey for that.
You would miss the gallon mark by a few ounces but you can get 2 handles of Bulleit Bourbon for under a hundred.
Shit Fire If you don't count sales tax you could get 4 handles of Ancient Ancient Age which is a NICE whiskey.
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Re: Whiskey Review

Postby UnderDude » Mon Nov 11, 2013 4:52 pm

Maybe they're surrounded by dry counties? I think the shine they sell has a BAV around 60%. Did you see when they accidentally made blue moonshine?
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Re: Whiskey Review

Postby Bob » Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:45 pm

The review has been updated to include a few new things.
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Re: Whiskey and other Liquors Review

Postby Bob » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:52 am

The review has been updated again with several Non-Whiskey entries.
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Re: Whiskey and other Liquors Review

Postby Bob » Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:45 pm

Update posted.
Last two entries for you regulars.
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Re: Whiskey and other Liquors Review

Postby UnderDude » Fri Apr 04, 2014 3:30 pm

Nice dude.
I'll be looking for the Striped Pig Shine and Rum, sounds good. Ive never seen the Knob Creek Rye, just their bourbon. Kraken is pretty good with Diet Coke, but I couldn't drink the Sweet Tea Vodka. I just can't drink vodka for some reason, unless it's a Kamikaze or mixed with Hot Damn 100.
The grocery store I frequent here now sells the Bulliet Rye for $20! So I picked up two more bottles plus a 12 pack of excellent Anchor Steam beer. They also had a close out of Smirnoff 12 pack malt coolers (all different flavors) for $9 so I had to grab one of those as well. Not too bad when it gets warm outside.

Anybody like the lime flavored beers, like Tequiza and LimeRita? Tequiza I like, I drank a lot of it when I lived in Fresno. Near impossible to drink bourbon and rye when the temp gets over 100 outside. Man, I used to drink ALL THE TIME when I was staying there. Nothing else to do really.
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