Cutting Shotgun Barrels

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Cutting Shotgun Barrels

Postby Bob » Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:31 pm

I like Tactical Shotguns!
I did a lot of research on barrel lengths a while back.
You really don't need those giant barrels to have an effective shotgun.
Most shotgun shells are loaded with fast powder that actually makes pretty good magnum pistol powder.
14 to 16 inches is the actual sweet spot for shotgun as far as burning the powder.

I have cut shotgun barrels with a band saw and tubing cutter.
I find a tubing cutter to be easier to clean up if there is no vent rib.
If there is a vent rib you must use a band saw or a hack saw to get a hack job, ha ha.
I trim the rib back just a tad so I can contour it to make a nice looking job.
The biggest thing with the tubing cutter is to take care not to let it spiral.
After that you must move slowly as not to get a ridge.
It just takes time.

Re-Crowning can be a drag.
I have done enough to have a technique for doing it.
I use a cone shaped stone, a couple of files, and sandpaper.

One must know how to measure a shotgun barrel the same way the BATF does to be safe.
I use a dowel and a tape measure.
I always leave a bit more than the minimum just in case they are off a bit.

My last cut was done to get a specific look, I wanted the barrel to be just slightly longer than the +2 Remington extension.
Each time I cut one I got a little better at it, I had a lathe it would have been simple but I can't afford rich guy tools like that.

All in all cutting barrels with hand tools is not difficult, just time consuming to do well.
If you can afford it I would however recommend a factory barrel then there is no loss of finish and you don't have to worry that you got the crown off a bit.
But if you have a lack of funds or like me wanted a custom length cutting is the way to go.

If you want the very minimum length I suggest buying a factory barrel, put the onus on them if you can't afford one be excruciatingly careful with your measurement.
Better to have a 1/4 inch longer barrel than to spend 10 years taking it up the butt from a black guy nicknamed the "Hammer" unless you like that sort of thing that is...
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