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And I am sure the iraq tankers loved there tanks right before being blown up.

Both france and russia use autoloaders in tanks. None have been real good. The stryker with all the extra armour that is now standard can not fit in to a C130 with out that armour a 12.7mm would shred it. It was all ment to be able to roll on roll of ready. to fight from a C130. This is not the case. The tank jib was aimed at the stryker MGS, I real do not think the ICV is a failer only that there are better opstions. My entrie descustion here has been about the stryker MGS. I mean why did the US send M1 tanks to afghanstan to provide fire support when there is a dedcated FSV in the stryker MGS.

A balanced review of the MGS ... eld-04731/
The AMX10rc mensioned in the report has balstic protecstion up to 23mm(with out add on armour) vs 14.5mm with add on armour. Carries 38 rounds vs 18 rounds. Is lighter. Amphoibous with out preperastion. Has double the range. The only place the stryker is better is top speed

This is a older artical and I have heard many of the problems have been fixed but not all

No one saide that stealth is bad. Just about every new fighter has some kind of stealth I mean even our new SAAB gripens where built with a low IR signuter and have a small radar cross secstion. How ever the F22 has a smaller radar cross secstion than the F35(while being bigger and better) and was still dowened a few times in war games by european fighters. And the idea of the F35 was a good one, this you can see by the number of orders for it. But if the price keeps on going up many will abdon it for a cheaper fighter. And there is every indecastion the price will increase. High price has all ready effected 2 new US wepaons the F22 who's 650 order was cut to 185 and the zumwalt destroyer that will have only 3. The F35 was all so clearly ment to be cheaper than the F22 but it is not.
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