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Food on the Go

Postby zbuddy » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:17 am

What sort of food do you pack when on the move in an emergency? Generally speaking, foods that are high calorie and non-perishable would be the obvious choice, but sometimes things can be overlooked.

Some of the items that I've packed with me while hunting or backpacking that turned out surprisingly well:

- Dried mushrooms from the Asian market. These were cheap, and as far as I know, have a very long self-life. They added nice flavor and a bit of nutrients to an otherwise dry meal.
- SPICES! Whatever floats your boat, but they don't really expire and they can make some nasty food taste palatable. I've been favoring the Southern variants lately that offer salt and spicy.
- Bullion cubes. This is sort of a given, but I think people overlook them frequently.
- Foil packages of SPAM, Tuna and other proteins.
- Tea bags or instant coffee in single servings (with cream)
- Oatmeal in individual envelopes. These things come in an array of flavors and are light/compact

Please add to the list of your personal favorite items!

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Re: Food on the Go

Postby UnderDude » Sat Jan 25, 2014 5:55 pm

I love oatmeal, especially with a few slices of banana. I always have a bunch of coffee singles laying around. I also keep instant mash and minute rice on hand.
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Re: Food on the Go

Postby Mrknot » Sat Jan 25, 2014 7:19 pm

I like ramen noodles. Light, cheap, high in fat and carbs.
Dehydrated fruits like mango, apples, bananas, (not the store bought, sugar packed banana chips, but real home made, leathery, dried bananas).
Protein bars like Cliff and Odwalla.
Like Z said, spices!
Cajun blends, Mexican blends, and Johnny's.
Kosher salt, black pepper, and some dried minced garlic and onions.
When I go backpacking I love Rice-a-roni. I usually re-package it in foodsaver bags to cut down on bulky boxes.
Quinoa is also quite nutritious and delicious, and pretty easy to prepare. Throw in some spices, (or one of your boullion cubes, Z), dried onion and garlic, simmer it for about 10 minutes and BAM!

Before they changed the recipe and added sucralose (yuck!), I used to always pack Tang. Now it's Country Time lemonade powder. Can make some nasty water almost palatable. If its cold outside, you can heat up the lemonade like tea and its pretty good.
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Re: Food on the Go

Postby redeyes » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:32 pm

Instant potatoes, Mountain house meals, cup noodles, trail mix, beef jerky, dried fruit, M&Ms Gatorade mix, instant coffee, Copenhagen and either store bought whisky or decent shine. Shine is preferred as it doubles as fuel for my alky stove.
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Re: Food on the Go

Postby Eddiethehead » Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:28 pm

SPAM, beef jerky, ramen noodles, Clif bars, and freeze dried ice cream for a morale booster.
Also remember to pack some Kool-Aid or Gatorade powder if the taste of plain water makes you gag. :D
Some various basic spices, like salt, pepper and Johnny's. A little bit of spice can make anything taste better, and iodized salt has more than one use besides flavor.
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Re: Food on the Go

Postby zbuddy » Thu Jan 30, 2014 11:31 pm

Damn good input, dudes.

I completely forgot the powered drink mix, MrKnot, so good call. I have some of those Gatorade foil packets in my emergency supplies, coupled with Imodium medicine, for those bad times in dire straits. I also have some of those Emergen'C foil packets that I keep in the car, my school backpack and in the bulk box they come in above my fridge. They taste good to me and the extra vitamins and minerals are a plus.

UD, I do a similar gig with my oatmeal, only I use shredded coconut (without the added sugar, just plain coconut) and honey on some mornings; but I never really take it packing or hunting with me because it has such low calorie density. I have a few cardboard round containers of them in the house, and they don't really spoil, so it's a good earthquake/hurricane emergency food for sure.

Dovetailing off of that note.. I used to take some sort of breakfast foil packets out backpacking/hunting. I think it was ovaltine, or something like that, and it was basically hot chocolate with more protein and less sugar. Hell, hot coco with marshmallows would be a great idea for some quick calories. I would just throw it into my titanium cook pot thingie and stick it into the firepit and have it every morning when I was out. Good shit, but I haven't seen it for sale in quite some time.

The mashed potatoes is a good idea as long as they have the butter and everything already added to them. Last time I did the packet of instant potatoes I cut up some pieces of dry salami and tossed it into the pot before it was cooked and it turned out great.

Some of my buddies use Couscous, which comes in a variety of flavors and is pretty cheap. I am not a fan of it, so I stick to the rice envelopes (Knors?) instead. Just be sure to filed strip it so you don't have a damn cardboard box in your pack.

Eddie, it's funny that you mentioned that plain water can make you gag, or is bland as shit, rather, because it brings up a good point that couples with us all advocating for spices - apatite fatigue. I learned about that while I was in the military and I came across some old 'Civil defense Force,' or something a long those lines, and it had a section about older people and kids not eating because the food got boring and bland. It made it sound like people would starve to death, literally, even though there was food around. So, those Kool-Aid packets and other little items could save someone.
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Re: Food on the Go

Postby kiltedninja » Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:10 pm

I just bought some of the "just add water" mashed potatoes. Cans of oatmeal can be had for cheap too.
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