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Postby apocalypsepal » Wed Oct 28, 2015 12:57 pm

ConSeannery wrote:We all know that you can't go more than a few days without water before your body begins to shut down, but it's also true that drinking bad water can be just as nasty or even worse. Filtering, boiling, iodine, etc. are all good ways to go about making water safe to drink, but just how long does water need to be boiled in order to be safe to drink? Some sources say ten, fifteen, twenty minutes, some say that water is safe as soon as it hits a rolling boil, the CDC says it should be boiled for one minute. With numbers all over the place like that, what is the actual amount of time? How good of a filter do you need, because boiling won't get rid of chemicals, animal droppings, or other physical debris. Should filters be of a certain style or material? Will a $100 Ultimate Survival Filtering 5000 be needed, or could coffee filters or T-shirts work? How often should reservoirs be cleaned, how thoroughly and with what? Are there places water can be gotten that no amount of filtering, boiling, or purifying chemicals can make safe to drink?

Seems to me like water is a really under-discussed topic on this forum, often forgone for things like guns, knives, shelter and food. You won't always need shelter, you can go weeks or months without food, and guns do you no good if you're dehydrated and delirious.

So, let's talk more about water. Can you share the answers to my questions above? How do you plan on finding and purifying water, should the need ever arise?

De-salinators are key. Get a handful of Life Straws and keep them on hand. Use them for a few months while you set up a sand-rock water filtration system. Then, boil the water. Of course, you'll need a permanent set up, unless you want to keep doing it on the road.
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